It has been said that alternative medicine is the original medicine.  The greatest miracle on earth is the human body. It is stronger and wiser than you may realize!  This is what Alissa found to be an absolute truth during her journey to learn natural medicine and therapies. This  road to natural and whole health began during a very stressful and toxic period of her life living in Washington DC as a teacher of young children and children with special needs.  She taught the prescribed school system  curriculum but was startled at the inability for many children to learn that which was required because the children did not have a creative wholesome energy outlet and their diets were generally too poor for optimum learning.  She witnessed that many children were not given appropriate nutrition and exercise to be able to concentrate on their basic studies which also lead to hyperactivity and disease.  She quickly realized that the need for physical education was so important with the growing population of obese, unhealthy children and the parents and schools abused the use of food and sweets as a way to control childhood behavior issues.   She decided to help them start down a life of healthy habits and to help parents achieve behavioral goals by following prescribed nutritional plans that could last life long.

However, before she could completely begin to help others, she had to help herself become as healthy and physically and emotionally fit as possible.  The truth was that she was 90 pounds overweight and suffered from severe vertigo and depression, back and hip pain. She knew it was time to seek the insight of homeopathic healers and mentors. 


The answer to feeling better laid within the modalities that most modern doctors knew nothing about nor agreed with or practiced. Her passion for wellness was restored through proper diet, supplements, meditation, yoga, massage, and a mastery over stress and anxiety. Through Ayurveda medicine and many healing modalities, including physical fitness, her body was healed and rejuvenated and was able to be a successful leader to adults and children from Maryland to Arizona, to Oregon and California.  Having experienced the journey herself, she became healthy enough to begin and continue to raise three children of her own no matter what the hardships that come her way.  She enjoys kayaking, hiking, hot yoga, gardening, social events,  and continuing holistic education. 


Alissa has studied alternative medicine and holistic health modalities since 2002. She trained to be a yoga instructor with yoga fit and with Zumba Fitness.  She achieved her personal training with National Academy of Sports Medicine and corrective exercise.  She received her massage training and has spent countless hours learning and increasing her abilities to do energy work such as Reiki, reflexology, and emotional energy clearing.  Her spirit was happy in helping others feel as good as she did. Alissa truly believes that the body, if treated with love and care, given the appropriate "gas" can run like a well oiled machine.  Because she feels and sees so many people are looking for balance in their lives, her passion is to help others love themselves enough to achieve this balance.  She believes the best fitness is helping the body overcome obstacles as it moves through this life, like a construction zone, a work or a life in progress by moving forward.  

Alissa had orchestrated fitness charity events for children's cancer awareness, childhood obesity, and organizations such as the united way and her own organization "Julia's Rainbow" which has raised more than $15,000 in funds for children's obesity and cancer research. She was partner to a local "women's only" fitness center which empowered older women to become fit and healthy.  She now works in children's urology and pediatric medicine as an AMT registered medical assistant and is an advocate of doTerra essential oils.  She volunteers and churches and school hosting fitness classes and educational seminars. 


Alissa believes that the way to harmony, is to balance every arena of our lives, and that this is a very hard task when we do it alone. True unconditional accountability to ourselves and to others creates the background for overall fitness.  She feels that physical, emotional, spiritual peace comes from being able to have the necessary skills and practice to balance ourselves in our bodies and mind. As a Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Registered Medical Assistant, she uses her experienced knowledge, skills, and abilities to help those of all ages be free from emotional situations all the way to sports injuries or just overall body weight reduction and fitness.  She uses a holistic approach to life.  Relaxation, massage therapy and meditation are her gift to give to you! "The power is in the present moment!  That is why it is called a gift!"  Come and experience it with her! 



I have been an IT professional for many years and spend time traveling.  I am very particular in choosing my massage therapist. Alissa is the best I've found.  She is very knowledgeable, grounded, and trusts me to know what I need.  She has always striven to learn new massage techniques to make her an expert in her craft.  I have come to trust the power of massage for the improvement of my health. ~ Jack G.


Alissa has a great awareness of the body and really understands how to promote healing within it.  I refer her to many of my friends who are athletes and are seeking relief from muscular tightness and pain.  Alissa is great at following up with me on giving me passive stretches to help with my piriformis and sciatica pain from playing hockey.  I enjoy coming to see her regularly. ~ John B.


Alissa did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable and relaxed at each session.  She helped me get moving again after an ankle injury.  Alissa had been a trusted friend to me and my family for many years.  She enjoys the pleasure of helping others feel great.  I would recommend her to my extended family as well. ~ Lisa Cambell


Alissa has a very comfortable, knowledgeable and low key approach to massage and fitness training.  She really listened to what my needs and goals were.  She uses her knowledge to not only help me feel great but also to explain why she feels we should proceed with a particular form of therapy.  I have enjoyed listening to her stories of how she became who she is, a great lady who cares about others.  She is open to my questions and I leave each session feeling invigorated and ready to continue my day with my grandchildren.  They appreciate having a healthy happy grandpa! ~ Charles P.


I am an ex military officer.  I have suffered from over-use injuries and weight issues for most of my time outside of the military.  Alissa makes me feel relaxed from the moment I walk into the room.  She talks to me and prepares me for a massage.  You can tell that she really has an interest in not only what is going on with your body, but also cares about who you are as a person.  You find yourself feeling comfortable and assured that you will be receiving a great therapeutic experience.  I have taken much of her advice for nutrition, weight loss and exercise.  ~ Dwayne Wells


I have been attending Alissa's yoga and fitness class at our church for almost two years.  She volunteers her time and energy to help us to learn how to properly use our bodies to make us stronger mentally and physically.  She conducts spiritual yoga classes but also incorporates fitness and dance.  We enjoy the meditation and prayer time.  I look forward to the fellowship every week with the other participants who have become regulars to her for a long time.  Volunteering time is what makes her so caring and special to us.  We love her style and enthusiasm.  She has also introduced us to essential oils and dietary plans.  I believe everyone should take advantage of some great health coaching like I have received with Alissa Carter! ~ Dawn W.


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