Final Wishes Fulfilled by Ambulance Driver

Living a long, healthy life surrounded by those we love is all that we can ever ask for. Unfortunately, some people are not as fortunate when they are stricken by terminal illness. This often robs them of the many day-to-day tasks we all take for granted.

Kees Veldboer, an ambulance driver in the Netherlands once met one of those very patients whose final wish was to see the Vlaardingen Canal again before he died. With a simple gesture, Veldboer made it happen, and soon realized the impact it had on the man as he cried tears of joy.

That was the beginning of the Ambulance Wish Foundation. Using several custom ambulances and a trained medical staff, the foundation has been fulfilling the final wishes of many terminally-ill patients. For many their wishes are strikingly simple; enjoying an ice cream cone, to see their favorite painting, to look out over the ocean one last time.

Veldboer's foundation has taken the time to change the lives of others and in return those they've helped have shown the world that it's often the simple things that should be cherished the most.

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via Upworthy

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