Eating Healthy vs. Eating Lean


Flex 5 owner and a Certified PT Petro Martynyuk gives us the skinny on eating healthy vs. eating lean. And is there a better time of the day to eat fruit?

Eating Healthy

There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to eating healthy in today's society.  People go on these diets that promote the consumption of healthy foods with the end goal being weight loss. However, these diets usually fail because there is a huge difference between eating to be healthy and eating to be leaner.

Healthy foods aren't always the best choice when it comes to fat loss. Two food groups that jump out at me right away are fruit and dairy. These foods are considered to be very healthy and indeed they are. They are both loaded with tons of crucial vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants. However, if you are eating for fat loss or eating to build a leaner physique, these are the foods you want to avoid!

Eating Lean

Now I know this may sound bizarre and very ironic, but hear me out. When you are trying to burn fat and stay lean, the number one rule to abide by is successfully controlling your insulin levels. This has to do with your carbohydrate and sugar intake. Fruit and dairy are loaded with sugar and carbs. Hence, these foods are counterproductive to your end goal of fat loss.

Fruit is composed of fructose and glucose, with glucose having the ability to increase insulin spikes (which is what we are trying to avoid). Certain fruits like pineapple, kiwi, and dates have a very high glucose to fructose ratio.  Furthermore, most of the nutrients in a piece of fruit are in the peel and the pulp. Everything else is just sugar water.

Now I am not saying that one should cut these foods out completely. Fruit and dairy do have their place is a successful fat loss plan.  It all has to do with timing! There are two times throughout the day when and insulin spike is OK and can even be beneficial.

For example, eating a piece of fruit first thing in the morning (after you just fasted for 8 hours) or immediately post workout will actually be beneficial to sculpting a lean physique. However, eating pineapple slices as a midday "healthy" snack is not the way to go! It's all about timing. 

So remember, next time you think you are doing your body justice by having a fruit salad in place of that piece of cake, just pass and wait to eat that fruit in the early morning!

~Coach Petro

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