Flex 5 Goddess Yoga Series Begins March 25

Yoga teaches that the creative energy of the Universe is a feminine power called Shakti. Every woman is born with feminine grace and power. Every woman is a vessel of the Goddess energy. In a world that often denies or rejects feminine power, it is time to do the necessary work to reclaim the Shakti that lies within each of us—men and women alike. 

Goddess energy can come in many forms. Shakti may rush into your consciousness. Or she may rise within you like a peaceful sunrise that opens you to a new way of embracing life. Throughout Goddess Yoga Series as you begin to reassemble yourself through her stories, images, songs, rituals, and mantras, the wounded places in your own psyche begin to heal and you realize that indeed you are a sacred form of the Goddess. Her powers are endless and her forms infinite. She wields every weapon necessary to defeat the demons of shame, guilt, betrayal, unworthiness, blame, victimhood, greed, arrogance, anger, separation—anything which limits you from being the full expression of your own divine, juicy and creative self.

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