Impostor Syndrome - Are You Really Successful?

In life, we strive to find our purpose; what makes us happy, what furthers our journey, and what makes us successful. For some, this comes easy. For others, that place seemingly doesn't exist. Yet somehow, despite the very achievements that pile up around them, they are unable to see the value in what they've done and wonder if it's their place to do anything at all. If this sounds like you, you may be experiencing The Impostor syndrome.

The Impostor Syndrome is that fine line between being so skilled at something that it's effortless and it seeming so easy that 'anyone' could do it, and therefore it must not have value to you or others. Because of that fine line, many will feel as though they are just an impostor, fulfilling a role that they never fit into in the first place.

If you feel as though you're playing a part you don't belong in, its important to realize that everybody is good at something, but not everyone is good at the same things. Recognizing the skills you have are unique to you in the way you use them to achieve goals is the first step in realizing the value you can add to the world around you.

Your value is the value you bring to the world.


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