Two Sister's Salon for Cancer Patients

It’s likely that someone you know has been affected by cancer. You may also know that those who go through chemotherapy often bite-the-bullet and end up losing their hair to the treatment. After two sisters Joanna and Jolanta had their share both battling and surviving cancer, they decided to open a hair salon that caters specifically to those stricken by the disease. Their salon gives customers options but most of all the confidence and power to push forward with their own battles with cancer. #Flex5 #BeTheChang 

A Beauty Salon for Cancer Patients

"You look beautiful, I'm telling you."This beauty salon is offering confidence and comfort to cancer patients.

Posted by AJ+ on Thursday, February 4, 2016
All-Inclusive Holistic Fitness & Wellness Center in Uptown Charlotte.
Address :
428 E 4th Street, Suite 333, Charlottel, NC 28202 Email : href="">