7 Ways to Super Charge Your Metabolism and Shred Fat


About Author: Coach Petro is Flex5 co-founder and a strong advocate of a Holistic Approach to health and wellness. He spent over a decade in finance, while combining it with his passion for fitness and empowering clients to transform their lives one day at a time. He holds CFA, FRM, ACSM CPT and AADP CHHC designations. You can read his full bio here.

Ramping up fat loss is all about boosting your metabolic rate. Doing so allows you to burn more calories, not only while your exercising, but all day long.

The following 7 hacks will allow you to super charge your metabolism to shred fat faster.

High Intensity Interval Training is a high powered form of cardio that involves cycling short all out bursts of activity with even shorter rest periods. It has been shown to bring on the Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) effect, which will rev up your metabolism for the next 24 hours.

You need to rest between your weight training sets, but if you really want to ramp up the fat burn, don’t sit down. Instead grab a skipping rope or do 90 seconds of step ups. Yes, it’ll be hard work, but your working muscles will still get the rest they need – and you’ll be torching those calories.


Nothing will ruin your fat burn like inconsistency. Getting your training in early, before the distractions of your day kick in, is the best way to ensure regularity. In addition, working out early has been shown to jump start the metabolism so that you’ll be burning more calories throughout the day.

By setting your workouts against the clock you will be automatically increasing the calorie burn. It will also push you harder and keep you intently focused on the task at hand. Throwing in the occasional Crossfit type workout is a great way to challenge the clock.


You may remember burpees (with dread) from your school days. It turns out that this is one super effective metabolism booster. The burpee combines 3 key moves – a squat,  push up and a plyo jump. And the best things is you can do them anywhere, anytime. Make burpees even more effective by doing them HIIT style – 12 burpees, then a 10 second rest for 8 cycles. Check out our Burpee Box Jump Article to get your burpee on!


Kettlebells allow you to seamlessly combine weight training with plyo for a killer functional fitness workout. The result is a metabolism boosting workout that is hard to beat. If you’re new to kettlebells, ease yourself in by starting your workout with one arm kettlebell swings. Hold a bell in one hand with your feet shoulder width apart and back neutral. Now swing the bell up to your shoulder. Then transfer the bell to the other hand and swing it down between your legs before repeating.


Buying a jump rope is possibly the wisest investment you can make to boost your metabolism, fast track fat loss as well as increasing your fitness levels. In terms of time spent exercising, jumping rope is hard to beat in terms of calorie burn. If you were to pick one 60 minute TV show each day and simply skip during the commercial breaks you will be amazed at how quickly you’ll get shredded. Give it a try!

All of our coaches at Flex 5 have a whole arsenal of ways to super charge your metabolism to shred fat and get to your goal weight faster. Find out what they can do for you here by scheduling your complimentary consult today.

~ Coach Petro

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