Teenagers React To Being Called Beautiful

Open your eyes to the beauty around you!

As a society we tend to impose unrealistic expectations of what true beauty means, especially on kids and teenagers, setting them to feel inadequate, unappreciated and always feeling inferior to those who are considered “prettier” by society standards.

Beauty has no gender, color, sexuality, age or societal standards and is present anywhere you go and in everything that surrounds you.  It doesn’t cost us anything to give a compliment and call someone beautiful, yet it makes a massive difference to that person’s self-esteem and this video could not have captured the rawness of beauty and what it truly means to someone.

Be generous, be kind and genuine in complimenting others and #BeTheChange, as one little word can often make or break someone’s life for years to come.

PS. I dare you to look in the mirror tonight and say “You are beautiful”

~Coach Petro

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