Can You Make an Unconditional Relationship With Yourself?

Can You Make an Unconditional Relationship With Yourself?

"Can you make an unconditional relationship with yourself? You are exactly where you are supposed to be right here, right now..."

A Train For Dogs That's Saving Lives

Have you ever seen a dog train? After watching this video you definitely would have! Eugene Bostick has rescued dogs for 15 years in Fort Worth, Texas.  Since he has so many dogs, he needed a way to wheel them around so he built a train that they can sit it. He found that the dogs enjoy getting outside and exploring the scenery along their train ride. How adorable! #Flex5

All aboard! These rescued puppies are seeing the entire town on this custom "dog train." (via NowThis)

Posted by Upworthy on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Felt Hearts Are Popping Up Everywhere - Here's Why

After Valentine's Day one year, Hila Perry stumbled upon a wonderful idea to bring joy and happiness to the world around her. After pinning Felt hearts to her dress and making extra to hand out to guests, her guests showed their appreciation for her actions. After meeting Emma Dines and discussing handing out the hearts to strangers, a simple idea turned into a social movement called the "heartfelt revolution". The best part about the movement they say is the human connections that are built when other accept a felt heart from one another. A simple action to impact the masses. #Flex5 #BeTheChange

Reuniting after 70 Years

Can you imagine reuniting with someone you loved after 70 years? The feeling is inexplicable according to Norwood Thomas and Joyce Morris who fell in love during WWII when Norwood was stationed overseas. After the war they lost touch, but after 70 years Joyce’s children searched for Norwood and found him! After their reunion, they spent this past Valentine’s Day together. #Flex5 

Two lovers see each other again after 70 years apart

A couple that fell in love during WWII was just reunited after 70 years

Posted by NowThis on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why Others Have Started Writing On Their Hands

No matter what you look like, where you're from, or what struggles you may be facing, it's always important to truly love yourself. If you already haven't learned to love yourself, the journey to self-love can take many forms. That's why Jordan Corcoran, who lives with an anxiety disorder, decided to start a social movement called "Listen Lucy, Self Love". Through the campaign people are encourages to share what they love about themselves by writing it on their hand and sharing it on social media for the whole world to see. With all social movements, what started small has grown into something bigger than itself; one simple act and message providing inspiration to others on their journey to self acceptance. #Flex5 #BeTheChange

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