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Overweight? Here's Another Reason to Workout.

In recent years the idea that it's possible to be fit while also being overweight has become increasingly common. However, studies have shown it to be quite the opposite. In fact, the claims from a new study suggest that those who are of normal weight and do not exercise at all are at a 30 percent lower risk of death than those who are overweight and workout daily. While that may be discouraging for those who are trying to lose weight, with exercise, dieting, and dedication, anyone can achieve a healthy body weight and lifestyle. #BeTheChange #Flex5

Teenagers React To Being Called Beautiful

Open your eyes to the beauty around you!

As a society we tend to impose unrealistic expectations of what true beauty means, especially on kids and teenagers, setting them to feel inadequate, unappreciated and always feeling inferior to those who are considered “prettier” by society standards.

Beauty has no gender, color, sexuality, age or societal standards and is present anywhere you go and in everything that surrounds you.  It doesn’t cost us anything to give a compliment and call someone beautiful, yet it makes a massive difference to that person’s self-esteem and this video could not have captured the rawness of beauty and what it truly means to someone.

Be generous, be kind and genuine in complimenting others and #BeTheChange, as one little word can often make or break someone’s life for years to come.

PS. I dare you to look in the mirror tonight and say “You are beautiful”

~Coach Petro

How Lean is your Pumpkin Latte?

This season from kale chips to lattes, pumpkin-spice-flavored treats are a dime a dozen. However, despite their flavoring, one would be surprised to find out that many products do not contain pumpkin at all. Pumpkin is rich in fiber, magnesium, manganese and copper. Here at #Flex5 we believe it is essential to create nutrition plans for our clients to not only look good, but feel good. #BeTheChange #FoodIsFuel #Whole9

Red Meat Causes Cancer?

This article includes some helpful interpretations of the latest World Health Organization (WHO) article that has recently reignited the whole "meat causes cancer" debate over the past couple of weeks.  As with anything, it's important to do one's own research before making decisions based on things we read (especially online).  Here at #Flex5, when it comes to food,  we believe in all things in moderation (unless there are known issues with certain foods) when we are customizing nutrition plans for our clients.   #Whole9 #FoodIsFuel #BeTheChange

Flex5 Team

How A Health Coach Can Change Your Life

How A Health Coach Can Change Your Life

A total body transformation?  A total overhaul of one’s self esteem? Whatever the scenario, a health coach is exactly what the doctor ordered.  

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