Todd's Journey to Self Discovery and #BeTheChange


About Author: Coach Petro is Flex5 co-founder and a strong advocate of a Holistic Approach to health and wellness. He spent 10+ years in finance, while combining it with his lifelong passion for fitness and empowering clients to transform their lives one day at a time. He holds CFA, FRM, ACSM CPT and AADP CHHC designations. You can read his full bio here.


Over a year ago today I made a life changing decision and boy was it a long time coming. After several different attempts of trying to get healthy, I finally decided that enough was enough! It was time for how I felt about myself on the inside to be reflected on the outside.

With lots of thoughts running through my head, my heart racing, and not truly knowing what the next 365 days would bring...I went to sleep and woke up with a new start on life. I literally hit reset. I had gastric bypass. This second chance at life was more than just a gift.

It was a chance for me to take control of my life. It was a chance for me to do something solely for ME. It was no one’s decision but mine. This tool didn't come easy. I had to re-learn what I knew from 28 years of life. Each day I introduced new foods back into my diet. Not much of them either as my new stomach was made the size of an egg.

Lots of days went really well. Some days not so much. I quickly learned that foods I once enjoyed, I now strongly disliked. I had to relearn how to exercise so that I wouldn't overdo it. I had to relearn how to eat, drink, and how to view food as a necessity to live and not a pleasure. I sit here today astonished. So much can change in a year and boy has it for me.

I am a new and improved Todd. The truest version of myself! A year ago I made a decision to change my life and I am never looking back. While this is just the beginning for me I share my excitement with you to celebrate the good in life. Today I am down total of 120lbs and am no longer considered obese! Cheers! Love you all!




Over a year ago today Todd made a life changing decision to take control of his life. His remarkable transformation and emotional journey is inspiring and full of moments each of us can relate to in many ways. For the #Flex5 Team and our clients, #BeTheChange involves consciously making small sustainable changes in our daily lives, leading us to healthier and happier lifestyles. Click here to check out our article about how to lose weight effective and safely!


Like for so many of our amazing clients, Todd’s powerful story is just the beginning of a great journey to self-discovery, fitness and #Empowering others.  I was excited about being able to document the first year of his transformation and I could not be more proud of what he has achieved. Now cheers to a great 2018 ahead of all of us!

Please share Todd's journey to inspire others who might be facing similar challenges and need just a little extra motivation to get started.

~ Coach Petro


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