6 Yoga Benefits You Need To Know About!


Yoga is an ancient practice that goes back centuries. Yoga is designed to help people achieve a more positive outlook towards life, instilling a permanent sense of serenity and peace. Here’s just a few reasons why a great mood is just once yoga session away: 

  • Yoga Improves Physical and Mental Strength  

One of the most prominent benefits of yoga is it truly helps you develop increased mental and physical strength. Yoga requires you to get into and hold positions which naturally strengthen your muscles, using your body weight for resistance.  

  • Yoga Will Make You Feel Better  

Tired of your friends commenting about how tired and grouchy you look, every morning? One of the most positive impacts of yoga is it leaves you feeling alive, open and connected with their body in a way no other single workout can. With steady practice, most people find that yoga boosts energy levels, making them feel happier and healthier. What’s so important about your mood, you ask? Your mood dictates how your entire day goes. Performing yoga is a natural mood enhancer. In addition, yoga provides inner calmness, keeping you in the moment and keeping you from being too hard on yourself.  

  • Yoga Will Help You Sleep Like a Baby

When you practice yoga, you release pent up energy that may prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. Yoga helps relax the nervous system, which plays an integral role in helping you fall asleep at night without tossing and turning. Specific yoga poses, such as savasana and uttanasana, are specifically designed to help you sleep better. 

  • Yoga Will Speed Up Your Metabolism

Yoga increases lean muscle mass, making you more flexible. This alone plays an integral role in getting your metabolism going. A faster and improved metabolism means you burn calories at a faster rate, even while you are sleeping in your bed or sitting on a sofa.  

  • Yoga Help You Build Your Fitness Level

Yoga is fantastic for all people no matter what age or season of life. With each pose, your muscles and joints will reach a different range of motion. Throughout a session of yoga your body’s strength and cardiovascular ability will be tested….and improved.

  • Yoga Will Reduce Your Anxiety and Stress Levels

 Stress is known as the silent killer. While low levels of stress are fairly common, excessive stress and anxiety increases blood pressure and triggers hormones that can lead to diseases and illnesses. Fortunately, yoga can successfully combat stress, keeping it under control.  

You know you want to get your yoga on so what are you waiting for?  Come see us for your complimentary first class today! The Flex 5 family have you on the path to health and wellness in no time.

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