The original program that put Flex5 on Charlotte's radar.  Our next Transformation Bootcamp Academy Ten Week Series start on September 25, 2017 and will run for ten (10) consecutive weeks.  Bootcamps will run weekly on Mon/Wed/Fri at 6AM and  6PM, while you will be given a choice to choose your third weekly class between Yoga & Spin Cycle offered at various times throughout the week in the mornings and evenings. You will be given 5 Flex Passes (out of 30 total) to attend classes at other time slots, but these will be subject to availability.

*Please note that once you purchase your series, you'll still need to login and reserve your spot for each day of your package using Flex5 MindBody App


  • 30 classes over 10 weeks:
    • 20 full body Mondays and Wednesdays at 6AM and 6PM
    • 10 spin and/or yoga classes on offered at various times during the week (please check our MindBody schedule)
  • 5 flexible passes to take other Flex5 classes when you cannot attend your dedicated slot
  • Access to Flex5 state of the art facilities during the program hours
  •  Initial 1 on 1 fitness assessment with health history and body measurements (height, weight, body fat, etc) to keep track of your progress and keep you accountable
  • Private Facebook Support Forum to ask questions and bond with other members
  • Level: designed for all levels



20-25 minutes of cardiovascular interval training and 20-25 minutes of strength training utilizing dumbbells, weighted bars, TRX and other equipment to target the quads, hamstrings, biceps, triceps, chest, back, calves and everybody’s favorite – glutes, followed by 5-10 minutes of stretching and cool down. We will cap it off with our signature cold towels infused with essential oils to help you feel refreshed and energized.

Level: All Levels

Time Slots: 6AM

What: 20-25 minutes of cardiovascular interval training and 20-25 minutes of strength training utilizing dumbbells, weighted bars, TRX and other equipment to target the quads, hamstrings, biceps, triceps, chest, back, calves and everybody’s favorite – glutes, followed by 5-10 minutes of stretching and cool down. We will cap it off with our signature cold towels infused with essential oils to help you feel refreshed and energized.

Level: All Levels

Time Slots: 6AM

What:  45 minutes of calorie torching cardiovascular interval spin bike training choreographed to the beat of the music followed by 5-10 minutes of stretching and cool down. We will cap it off with our signature cold towels infused with essential oils to help you feel refreshed and energized.  Or you can choose to get your Namaste on by attending one of Victoria's amazing Vinyasa flow classes at 5:30 PM Thursdays or 9:00AM Saturdays. 


Level: All Levels

Time Slots: mornings & evenings

Not sure whether Flex5 Bootcamp Academy is for you? No worries, you can now try a single class or series of classes while we are still in session!



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Love this place and the Flex5 Team! joined the "Say I Do" series, or boot camp as it's called, in April 2016. I needed motivation to get in shape in a focused way. As I came to know Petro and the Flex5 Team, I was hooked. Each one of the fitness coaches are different but knowledgable, flexible, friendly and know how to push you without being obnoxious, like alot of 'trainers'. They allow you to alter any exercise to your level of fitness or comfort. There's no yelling and screaming to push yourself or do more sit ups. LOL. The space they have is newly renovated, stylish, practical and well equipped. The main advantages of this Flex5 is (1) flexibility (you can chose whatever classes or individual training sessions you want, (2) purchase one class, several or unlimited, combine classes and individual training, etc, (3) workout in a convenient uptown location, (4) take classes early am or after the typical work day. The coaches are accepting of everyone and make all feel comfortable no matter age, race, orientation, fitness level, etc. I have become a member of Flex5 and will continue my workouts beyond the series I am about to complete. ~ Jay Biles, Charlotte, NC


I joined Petro’s ‘Say I Do’ class this spring after seeing how much my partner was enjoying it.  Admittedly, I’ve never been much of a super early morning person, so at first I was a little anxious that I would ever make it to the gym in time for the 6 am class.  But with a little advance planning the night before, I’ve shown up for every single one so far!  And I actually look forward to the workouts.  My goals are to get more toned but mostly to fit in a healthy high quality workout into my crazy schedule – and to make up for all of the time I spend in an office environment.   

The class I took is 45 minutes long but sometimes it feels more like 10 minutes because you are moving around so much.  Yes, they are intense…and fast paced, with very quick breaks between circuits.  Petro keeps a close eye on everyone during the class and moves quickly from one  participant to the next – correcting form (I seem to get corrected a lot ) – or suggesting a modification depending on the individual.  It’s like having a personal trainer at a fraction of the price.   At the end of the class, I have this Huge sense of accomplishment that I’ve kicked off my morning with an extraordinary workout and I’m ready to take on the day.  On Saturdays, we do yoga with the fabulous Victoria – a nice change of pace from the weekday circuit training -  but it is serious yoga – you will sweat!  

Overall, I’m so glad I met Petro and the Flex5 team.  I’ve really gotten a lot out of this experience so far and looking forward to more! ~ Dan Swift, Charlotte, NC


I began my journey with Petro in January 2014, 4 months before my wedding. My goal was to lose 15 lbs to get ready. I had always been good about working out in the mornings when I was younger. I would go to the gym on my own every weekday. But as responsibilities with work got in the way, I found it more and more difficult to commit myself to getting to the gym on my own.
I had been watching friends post on Facebook about the boot camp classes they were taking with Petro, and the results they were getting. I had never done a boot camp, so I was a little nervous about signing up, not to mention the guys in the class were at least 10 years younger than I was - so there was that pressure.

I finally just bit the bullet and signed up. I'll be honest, the first few sessions were rough. But I made the commitment to tough it out - and I had the incentive of looking good for the wedding. 2 weeks in and I was looking forward to waking up early and getting to class, not to mention the peer pressure I knew I'd get, even if imagined, if I missed a class. By the end of the first 10 week course. I had dropped 20 lbs and I was feeling great. I decided to go for a second round. By the time my wedding came, I had dropped from 176 lbs to 155 lbs.

When Petro opened up Flex5, I signed up as soon as the class schedule was available. The structure of the class is perfect for me. I am up early, I get my workout in and I feel great the rest of the day. If you're looking for the structure of a group circuit workout, I highly recommend these classes. While some of the individual exercises will be repeated from time to time, each overall workout is different. When you add in Victoria's Yoga sessions, you've got a great value workout package. ~ Scott Bishop, Charlotte, NC


Flex5 provides such an uplifting and butt-kicking experience all rolled into one. I can't say enough positive things about Petro and his staff. The classes are challenging, engaging, and rewarding! If you're looking for an experience to help put you back on track, sign up for Victoria's yoga or Petro's bootcamp. ~ Brandon Stanley, Charlotte, NC


Love Flex5 and their wonderful team of instructors.  Just started my second Say I Do class series with Petro and it rocks!  Great workout completed in an efficient 45 min time frame.  Highly recommend this place and the high end facilities.  Ps- If you have a chance try out the Yoga classes.  One of the best I have tried in Charlotte. ~ Jeremy Carter, Charlotte, NC


Fantastic gym with awesome trainers that are really there to help you grow and hit your goals, Mitch's Tabata class and Petro's Beach Body class helped me realize how much I needed their help! ~ Luke Drawdy, Charlotte, NC


The boot camp classes are great! I've never been successful when I've tried to go to the gym and do things by myself. The group classes provide me the structure and motivation that I need to push myself to succeed. Petro's "Say I Do Beach Body Class" and Mitch's "Tabata" are challenging but leave you feeling great afterward. ~ Restin Drawdy, Charlotte, NC


"I had the privilege of first meeting Petro when he began training clients at Charlotte Athletic Club. He is an amazing trainer and will push you to limits you never thought possible. When Petro announced his "Say I Do" bootcamp series, I was a little apprehensive about signing up because I had never been a part of group training. I am now finishing up his third series and it has been a lot of fun with great results! Can't wait for round four in the Fall. Take the time to meet and train with Petro because it will change your life!" ~ Ivey Graham, 42, Charlotte, NC


"Getting involved with Petro Fitness' "Say I Do" Boot camp Series was the second best decision I have made in regards to my journey to reclaim my health. The best decision I have made was to Start. From consultation and weigh in, DAY 1, Petro and his team helped ease my nervousness about beginning the boot camp program with informative emails, nutrition advice for workout days, and relentless motivation.

The fact that he was available through email and phone was imperative in guiding my choices when I had questions about my routine, daily calorie intake, making better decisions in regards to my health and how to reach my goals. Training days were often times not pretty for me. But I pushed, because I knew that Petro and his team had my back. They motivated me to always do my best, even when i thought I couldn't push on, I did. Since starting the "Say I Do" Series Boot camp, I've lost close to 20 lbs, 2 inches off my waist, and dropped 6 suit sizes. I feel amazing, not just on workout days, but EVERYDAY.

I started with a goal, to lose the weight needed to start Helicopter Flying Lessons, and I obliterated it! My lessons started last week and I'm checking off another bucket list item, thanks to Petro Fitness and his team. I still have work to do to get where I want, but I look better, feel better, and have a tremendous mental clarity that I can thank Petro Fitness for leading me to. I'm looking forward to the next series, just maybe with less stairs!!! He doesn't need Credibility, he HAS IT." ~ Adam Dietrich,  31, Charlotte, NC


"If you are looking for a '5 star' trainer, look no further; Petro is your guy. I am currently working out with Petro in his boot camp class. It was amazing to me, that Petro took 'simple' movements and made them ASS-KICKING challenging exercises. There is an element of fun, which is always a plus. I have been impressed with other clients of Petro in regards to their drive, focus, and being proud of themselves; all of this is a reflection of my trainer, Petro; period. I plan to continue to work out with Petro until I reach my personal goal." ~ Wesley Barber, 43, Charlotte, NC


"I started working out with Petro 3 months ago & I'm addicted! The workouts are always intense, well-planned & effective. Don't hesitate to call him!" ~ Kurtis Andree, 51, Charlotte, NC


"Over the past two and a half years, I have been removing toxic relationships and things out of my life that were unhealthy. The toxins were so bad that I was completely lost and had no idea. A few months ago, I met Petro. Under his guidance and direction, I have began the journey of life changing proportions. I'm having a total reshaping of the physical, mental and spiritual with his help at the age of 42 and am celebrating the successes daily. 

I am the strongest I've ever been with his personal training, bootcamps and nutritional awareness. And I give credit to Petro! Add in the recent, 10-Week "Say I DO" Transformation Series and he offers the triple threat. 

He will beat me for posting this but I believe that when there is something great out there making positive changes, you must share it!" ~ Dan Mauney, 42, Charlotte, NC


"Going into my first boot camp session with Petro I thought to myself "I've got this, just another class full of warm up exercises". Within the first 5 minutes I was already mistaken, the high intensity warm up was completely different than any other class I had attended. From start to finish the entire work out is fast paced and energy filled. Also rather than just standing back and letting me cheat myself through the class, Petro makes sure each person is using proper form and alignment in order to achieve the best results. I have finally found a boot camp and personal trainer who motivates me to return weekly" ~ Chuck Horne, 21, Charlotte, NC


"Petro is an amazing personal trainer. Our boot camp session this morning was the best workout that I have ever had. The entire hour and a half was high energy and high intensity! After our first workout I know Petro can help me reach my fitness goals... very excited to exercise with him again" ~ Lara Cox, Charlotte, NC


 "Apprehensive at first waking up at 5:30am to make it to a 6:00am boot camp I somehow found the motivation. Typically, I am not a fan of morning workouts, however, Petro has somehow changed my mind!!  Working out with good friends, overlooking the Charlotte skyline, while watching the sunrise has become an addictive combination.  Petro’s workouts are geared to be high energy and keeps everyone active the entire hour.  I show up to the workouts sleepy and leave energized, soaked, and ready to start a great day!  I have completely fallen in love with these classes and Petro as a personal trainer.  He continues to help push me even when I think I can’t give anything else…and not in that annoying gym trainer kind of way!  I would and have already recommended Petro to many of my friends!  If you’re looking for a great personal trainer that knows what he’s doing then Petro can surely get you where you want to be!" ~ Mario Newton, 33, Charlotte, NC


"I had the pleasure of attending a "Train Clean - Get Lean Boot Camp" with Petro Martynyuk and four other gents this evening. It was an effective resistance training, small group class. I enjoyed Petro's personal training style from start to finish. I especially, appreciated how he took the time to teach us proper alignment and form, as I have a knee ailment. He even offered effective modifications to accommodate my knee. His boot camp featured 30 minute intervals in a fast past, high energy environment. It also didn't hurt that we had a great view as we were on the roof top of a high raise condominium. I will certainly experience Petro's Boot camp soon and you should too! You have nothing to loose other than weight of course:)" ~ Christopher Soto, 26, Charlotte, NC


"Coming from a gymnastics background I was prepared to be ahead of the group, feeling like it wasn't enough for me. But, surely I was wrong. Petro is amazing at creating new and innovative workout routines that one's body is not familiar with on a daily basis. He really puts your mind and body to a challenge. Better yet, he pushes you to beat that challenge through coaching in the moment as well as a little motivation when you are at your last straw. I highly suggest Petro for anyone looking to better themselves" ~ Nolan Wahl, 27, Charlotte, NC


"The boot camp class with Petro Martynyuk is great. I have taken many cross fit and boot camp classes over the years and his is one of the best. If you are looking for a personal trainer to do personal training, he is excellent. Petro assisted me with proper alignment and form. His class is fast paced, high energy with high intensity. I truly believe he will take my fitness to a new level" ~ Stephen Cooley, Charlotte, NC


"I've been looking for something/someone to help me get back into the shape that I want. No one, absolutely no one provides motivation like Petro. When you have him as your personal trainer you not only have someone pushing you to be your best and helping you look your best, you have someone who cares and is a living testimony to what hard work and perseverance can do. I have never looked forward to working out or enjoyed working out but now I do. With Petro's boot camp series you build friendships and find people who support you on your endeavors. Petro also emphasizes living healthy, not just a two to three times a week work out, making the results you get lasting. I think you'd be a fool not to train with the guy" ~ Thomas Garvin, Charlotte


“Sunday morning workout” is a phrase I'm only getting used to because of the help and guidance from Petro. An amazing trainer and all around great guy has helped push my motivation over the edge. If it wasn't for time restraints, I would see this guy on a daily basis. The variance of his workouts gets your heart pumping and your body shaking (in a good way). I've done Insanity and P90X, boot camps and triathlons – Petro has what it takes to compete with these big named workout routines and help me train harder for upcoming races. Charlotte, NC needed a personal trainer of this caliber! I highly recommend and commend you, Petro! You've set up unique programs that combine exercises that a group can easily do together without feeling lost in a crowd. I seriously look forward to more classes with you to work together to meet my fitness goals. Thanks again for all your help, guidance and motivational support!" ~ Stephen Remmes, Charlotte, NC

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