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Raised with entrepreneurial roots from her grandparents and father in a family of great cooks, Lisa Woodie was destined to be a Personal Chef.

Lisa started cooking in college, beginning a journey to prepare meals that were healthier than what she ate as a child. Over the years she used her creativity and adventurous palette to develop a recipe collection that focused on homemade foods using lots of fresh and minimally processed ingredients. As her passion for cooking grew, she opened a restaurant and catering business.

After experiencing family health crises, Lisa became more educated on environmental and personal wellness, including what we put on and in our bodies. She researched and studied holistic nutrition, environmental toxins, and the personal chef industry. She founded Homemade Fresh in 2011 to blend her passion for cooking with her goal to help people experience better overall wellness.

Lisa specializes in planning and preparing meals that are personalized to each client’s tastes, preferences and dietary requirements using food from nature, not science. She believes that food is fuel for your body, and food choices can affect your energy, productivity and overall wellness—either negatively or positively.

Lisa is very passionate about transforming the way people eat so that they don’t have to rely on processed convenience foods. She shares that passion through educational presentations. She also donates her chef service and resources to charitable organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, Safe Alliance, Hospitality House, and various cancer research and support groups.



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