Client Name: Brian Basham Fox 46 WJZY Chief Meteorologist.

  • Brian's Goal: lost 80lbs by end of 2016, build strength and endurance, improve nutrition
  • Brian's Motivation: be able to run around with kids without feeling like it is an issue and go on a European tour with his wife Megan in the fall of 2016.
  • Starting weight as of 3/31/16: 280lbs
  • Current weight as of 6/15/16: 245lbs

Weekly Check In Videos

March 2016 - Initial Progress Pictures

Weight Tracker

Brian's weight goal is 235lb by November 2016.

Body Fat/BMI Tracker

Brian's goal is to get body fat % down under 30% and BMI under 35 by November 2016.
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Client Name: Michael Haynes

Client Goal: tone up, lose body fat and build more lean muscle mass. Improve nutrition.

Weight Tracker

Body Fat % Tracker


Client Name: Mercedes Gatt

Client Goal: tone up, build stronger core and upper body, get ready for half marathon

UPPER BODY 08/5/15

  • Warm up: 1500m rowing (7:44) + KB swings (12/ea)
  • Ex 1: Assisted press (30lb) + cross fly (#2)
  • Ex 2: Reverse fly (20lb) + bike 2min
  • Ex 3: Assisted pull-ups + dips (120lbs support)
  • Ex4: TRX row + modified push ups (10-12)
  • Ex 5: single arm curls (5lb DB) + leg raises (10-12)

Notes: always have a snack before workout to stabilize blood sugar, start doing push up challenge at home increasing reps by 1-2 every day until you can do 10-12 full push ups w/o assistance.

UPPER BODY 08/12/15

  • Warm up: 1500m rowing (7:29) + swimmers (12)
  • Ex 1: Cable lat raises (#1) + cable rotations (#5)
  • Ex 2: Assisted press (no weight) + bike 1min
  • Ex 3: EZ bar shoulder press (20lb) + DB front raises (5lb/ea)
  • Ex4: MB wall/floor slams (11lb) + crunches + MB DB flys (5lb/ea)

Notes: improvement in endurance and stable blood sugar levels, continue doing push up challenge at home and report on a daily basis. Start submitting food journals daily.


Weight Tracker

Body Fat % Tracker

Client Name: Melisa Palmer

Client Goal: tone up, lose 10lbs


Client Name: Juan Valladarez

Client Goal: build more lean muscle mass and improve nutrition.

Weight Tracker

Body Fat % Tracker

Client Name: Jodi McNeill

Client Goal: Lose Weight, Implement Healthy Lifestyle changes

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