Rhya Pachin, RDN, LDN, CLT became interested in nutrition and fitness as hobbies while struggling with hypothyroidism and a peptic ulcer in college. When her family members began to deal with autoimmune disease and severe food sensitivities, and were given no answers other than prescription drugs, Rhya began pursuing nutrition more seriously as a health coach. However, it wasn’t until several years later that Rhya took the plunge and left her successful management career to finish her Master’s Degree and acquire licensure as a Dietitian Nutritionist. 


Rhya has seen great health improvements personally and with clients through the results of functional medicine, and so Rhya has applied this same integrative or functional approach to her nutrition practice. That means she applies evidence-based nutrition science to support the body as a whole instead of trying to address a single symptom or imbalance. By this method, the root cause of a health imbalance is identified and addressed rather than simply managed or suppressed. Rhya has also acquired additional training as a Certified LEAP therapist dietitian, which means she is trained to design and supervise custom elimination diets in support of patients suffering from IBS/IBD, fibromyalgia, food sensitivities, and other chronic inflammatory conditions.


Rhya has seen and experienced the power of nutrition in addressing health imbalances. She promotes eating real food first and correcting deficiencies only as needed with supplements. Rhya is passionate about empowering clients to discover their best personalized nutrition plan as part of their journey to optimum health.


Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease 4 years ago, Rhya has been a Godsend, guiding and educating me through the challenges of my disease.  With her practical and clinical knowledge, I have been able to not only lead a healthier lifestyle, but also my 5 year old daughter, who we decided to lead a gluten free life, as well.  Her compassionate nature has helped me through many questions, fears and some delicious gluten free recipes too! Thank you, Rhya, for your love and support for our family to enjoy healthy foods and lead a strong life! ~ Jennifer, 43, Charlotte, NC


Thank you for the extra time you took the other day to help me come up with some breakfast and lunch ideas that will calm my IBS and still give me the nutrition I need and energy to get through the day. The probiotics you suggested have really made a difference, more than previous brands I’ve tried from the health food store. Thank you for everything! ~ Chris, 32, Charlotte, NC


The food sensitivity testing and elimination diet you guided me through has been nothing short of amazing in terms of how it has impacted my life. I have no more pain from fibromyalgia as long as I adhere to the recommendations. I can hold my grandchildren again, and I am more active than I’ve been in a long time. I am so thankful to have crossed paths with you, and I tell everyone I meet that this was the best thing I ever did for my health! ~ Joan, 58, Charlotte, NC


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