Flex5 is committed to being the change we want to see in the world by providing an educational, innovative, and research based holistic wellness facility for our clients. 

Flex5 is designed to empower, inspire and motivate individuals to achieve a well-balanced healthy life. Our tailored TLC Pass and Class Pass programs enable you to incorporate choices and actions toward a more prosperous and satisfying existence through a harmony of strengthening the mind, body, and spirit resulting in a healthy and more balanced lifestyle. 

The Flex5 Training Method is a holistic approach to wellness, targeting five specific components: strength, conditioning, flexibility, nutrition, and spirituality. These five pillars play a different yet crucial role  in helping you attain your desired fitness and wellness goals, leading to a happier, more balanced life.

The Flex5 Team provides a variety of healthy options for our clients to choose from to accommodate their busy schedules. Our focus is on getting you the real results without compromising the quality of our programs. 



Healthy body and healthy mind can only be achieved with a nutritious and balanced diet. You are what you eat. With that, all Flex5 programs are designed to help you learn the importance of nutrition and how to find right balance that fits your lifestyle. 

We are the first team in Charlotte area to invest in our partnership with the authors of internationally recognized Whole9 Program and authors of New York Times best seller book It Starts With Food to empower you to eat the foods that make you feel and look good.


Practicing Spirituality

For some people spirituality means religion, for others it is taking five minutes to meditate, practice daily Yoga, Pilates or simply getting a relaxing massage. At Flex5 we believe in offering a variety of personalized programs and workshops helping you meet your spiritual needs. We empower you to find your spiritual outlet and gently incorporate that into your overall fitness program. 


Athletic Conditioning

Historically athletic conditioning (aka sports conditioning) has been reserved for professional athletes to help them improve their peak performance. While we are not training you for the next Olympics Games, we believe in incorporating elements of athletic conditioning training into our programs to help with injury prevention, maintaining a healthy heart, cardiorespiratory system, managing depression and fatigue. 


Strength Training

Strength training is an important aspect of any holistic fitness program, which is why Flex5 Method incorporates strength training elements in every single program we offer. Contrary to the myth, strength training is not just for body builders and can benefit people of all ages especially clients with underlying health conditions. Effective weight management, stronger bones,  toned muscle, better body mechanics and coordination, disease prevention and improved mood and energy levels are some of the amazing benefits of strength training. So what are you waiting for? Got what it takes to Flex5?


Flexibility Training

For most people flexibility training is an afterthought when they run out of ideas of what else to do at the gym. For Flex5 Team flexibility training is an important element of any regiment that allows you to perform everyday activities with ease like get out of bed, walk the stairs, play with your kids or go for a run with your dog. Flexibility tends to deteriorate as we age and without adequate flexibility training, daily activities become more difficult to perform, including loss of mobility, chronic back pain and lack of independence.


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