To say that before I began my Rolfing series my body felt like a prison would not be much of an exaggeration. I felt stuck, unable to express myself easily or fully - physically, but also in many ways beyond that, ways in which I wasn't even aware Rolfing could affect. My movements and stride were small and contained, unable to flow with the grace and buoyancy I longed for. When I learned of Rolfing I was intrigued; and when I finally signed on for the series, though open and eager I was admittedly pretty skeptical. This Rolfing thing sounded a bit too good to be true. 

I was in school for massage therapy when I began work with my Rolfer. It was immediately apparent that my studies would continue on, not to include Rolfing but to become Rolfing. Rolfing began to create for me real change, lasting changes that could not only be felt after sessions but carrying into my life between sessions, which was markedly different than any of my experiences with massage.


These changes were felt as a consequence of the hands-on work but, perhaps more importantly, changes were also occurring in the growing awareness of how I existed in my body, allowing me to more effectively come to occupy the space of these newly created options. The educational component was really what set Rolfing apart from any other modality I had experienced. The insights offered through Rolfing were invaluable in my ability to really relax in my body, for perhaps the first time ever, and consequently a natural energy and vitality began to emerge.

In the course of my Rolfing sessions I was not only experiencing real shifts in the structure of my body but also in the experience of what it meant to exist inside my body and, I came to realize more and more, the way I existed in and interacted with the world around me. Rolfing was an education in who I had been up to that point, and the ways that certain personal habits and patterns that may have at one time been useful had since run their course and were no longer serving my present needs or desires. Step by step Rolfing began to introduce me to an unhindered sense of self, that ease and fluidity that had been struggling for expression. 

As a byproduct of these shifts in my physical structure, the many aches and pains that I had inadvertently collected through life began to just slip away, week by week. Not only did my neck and feet no longer ache, but one day it was noticed that my knees no longer locked, that my hips began to sway, and my arms now swung as I walked. Free at last. Now I knew what was possible, which continued to inspire and broaden my focus from not only fixing what hurt but encompassing this significant potential for true well-being versus simply not ailing. Rolfing not only helped resolve things that were uncomfortable, but made me feel better in ways I didn't necessarily feel bad. I began to reconnect with a feeling of aliveness I hadn't felt since a child.


We are each ripe with layers of ability to become more at ease, comfortable, more supported, connected, open, content, aware and present in our lives by discovering more balanced ways of being in our bodies. As a Rolfer I feel my primary role is helping people enjoy their lives more by better understanding and enjoying their bodies; creating necessary connections in the relationship of how ones structure impacts ones experience of living, and vice versa. I have been so transformed by Rolfing that it is now a real pleasure and honor for me meeting others at the threshold of their individual needs and goals and escorting them through this remarkable process. It's a thrill to watch those sparks of finally feeling at home arrive in clients' eyes, as they come to settle into a place within themselves that they haven't resided in maybe a very long time, or ever, but upon meeting is unmistakable as the place they want to be.

Before and After



I've had chronic back pain for most of my adult life, and I had been getting massages to help relieve it. It always helped for a few days, but the results were quick to wear off. My Rolfing experience with Jill was completely different. The sessions were participatory, and more rigourous than massage, but the important thing was that the results lasted. She corrected the alignment of my shoulders, and feet, and all sorts of other stuff, that improved my posture and pain problem considerably. It was unlike any experience I had had before. Jill was patient, and thorough, and explained every single thing she was doing along the way, which was great for my understanding of what was causing my discomfort.The results of Rolfing were immediate, apparent, and fantastic. I highly recommend the entire experience. ~ Zach Dodson, Graphic Designer, Fencer

To say the truth...at first I was a bit worried by the overheard myth that Rolfing is excruciatingly painful; no matter, I decided to give it a try and found it no more painful than any other massage technique. Jill's professionalism and sincere sense of caring made me feel comfortable from the very first session and I noticed immediate positive results.Within the first sessions I was walking better, breathing better and gained an overall better posture. I noticed my body growing stronger, my mind developing more positive thoughts and gained a new sense of energy and power. I strongly recommend Jill to anyone seeking to improve health and a better holistic relationship with their body. ~ Robert Gramillano, MBA, CEC, CEIC, Certified Empowerment and EI Coach

When I began the ten-series with Jill my body felt like a beat-up jalopy that did not run nearly as well as I felt it should or could. I had lost my sense of center, my body felt discombobulated and as if it wasn't communicating with my brain or my desires of movement. I was stiff and rigid in my jerky movements.With each session my body's flow, rhythm, and sense of unity returned. I swooshed out of her office feeling like a human. The most lovely thing is that the changes that were accomplished have maintained. Unlike other modalities that can just be band-aids, momentary, Rolfing has reminded my body of how it functions at it's best and my body is remembering. ~ Claire Mooney, L.Ac, MSOM, Acupuncturist

Rolfing was a great experience, and the process helped me gain an understanding of my body-- how it works, and what it needs-- in a different light. I would definitely say that it improved my overall well-being, and working with Jill is a pleasure because she not only treats you, but clearly and carefully explains each step of the process along the way. ~ Mia Clarke, Writer, Musician

My Rolfing sessions have given me the opportunity to experience different ways that my body can feel.  I began my sessions feeling trapped in a painful body with little control, but Jill has helped me to identify new pathways to more physical comfort as well as new skills for managing pain. ~ Hilary Finch, Personal Chef

I feel like Jill made such a difference in my life, not only in helping me physically but emotionally as well. As a musician of a large instrument, I have all sorts of physical problems that come with the rigors of playing. I sit kind of funny, it takes a lot of strength to make a sound out of my instrument, let alone make it sound nice...It came to a point where deep massages were no longer helping to alleviate any of the pain and discomfort I was feeling, not even during the actual sessions. Short of having to give up my instrument, I was willing to try anything. At my first session I was completely confused, it was nothing like any of the massage sessions I'd had before, gentle or deep. It almost FELT like nothing, to tell you the truth. But when I went home that night, I slept easily and well for the first time in about two years. I used to have to sleep with all sorts of items in bed to help prop me up - wedges under my knees, pillows that cradled my neck, etc etc, and nothing worked.There was one particular instance where after a session I could feel a marked difference in the way I moved. I felt like I was walking REALLY fast afterward because I was freed from whatever restrictions were holding my legs back.  Jill is a fantastic practitioner. She knows what she's doing, but also she's very relaxed in her manner and not pushy in any sense. I had trepidations about starting a whole series of sessions with her but her take on the whole thing was to try one or two sessions first. If it's not for you, then we'll call it a day.With Jill and her practice, I'm glad I did! Not only did the sessions help to alleviate the constant pain, they also made me more aware of how my body SHOULD feel. It was almost like starting over fresh. With a clean slate, I move faster, play better, and am more attuned to potential roadblocks that hinder my movement.  ~ Kristina Lee , Double Bassist


Rolfing has definitely improved my life--mobility, agility & performance have all been enhanced as a result of my experience with you.  I know that you stated that I would continue to receive benefits of the process for about six months.  Well, I continue to experience benefits.  I have even lost weight, which I attribute to the Rolfing as well.  Originally, I was skeptical about any realized benefits but as my coach you helped me to expand my mind to embrace the Rolfing which has been beneficial to my mind, body & spirit.  Thank you for everything. Yesterday was my birthday and unlike previous celebrations I now speak of my age in terms of being years young.  I feel like my cells are constantly renewing and my youthfulness is returning.  Life is grand!!!  ~ Florence Denton


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